Public outreach

Furthering the public understanding of science.

"Education is not rocket science... IT IS HARDER!"

By George (Pinky) Nelson, Scientist, Astronaut, Educator

I believe that public understanding and appreciation of science is very important for the overall health of our society and scientific research.

I am engaged in public educational outreach programme and if you would like me to get involved in your school or group's educational needs, contact Dr Rekha Jain:

Talks for schools and/or the general public

The Sun: The star on our doorstep
By Rekha Jain

This talk is about many fascinating features of the Sun. I will cover its birth, life and death mentioning some of the details of its interior, surface and outer atmosphere as well as its impact on our lives.

I will then demonstrate how to make a simple sundial customised for the exact location of the school (or premises). The talk will make use of the latest high-resolution images from various space missions.

An amateur exploration to the concept

Simply sunny! - UK Solar Physics


Past events

Festival of the Mind (2014)

Royal Society summer exhibition (2010)