PhD students and postdoctorate research associates (PDRAs).

Past PhD students

Farhad Allian

An analysis of magnetohydrodynamic waves and oscillations in the solar corona

STFC studentship, 2017-2021

Hope Thackray

Study of oscillations and flows in solar magnetic active regions

GTA studentship, 2016-2019

Peter Wyper

Magnetic reconnection: 3D magnetic null points

EPSRC studentship, 2009-2012

Andrew Gascoyne

Subsurface magnetic field effects on solar f and p modes oscillations

STFC studentship, 2007-2010

Beniamin Orza (jointly with Dr I Ballai)

Dynamical phenomena in stratified solar coronal plasma

Faculty studentship, 2009-2013

Past PDRAs

Dr A Gascoyne

Magnetic features and helioseismology

STFC funded, 2012-2015

Dr M Gordovskyy

Acoustic wave scattering by magnetic flux tubes

EPSRC first grant, 2005-2008

Past MPhil students

Samuel W Jackson

An investigation of magneto-acoustic waves

EPSRC funded, 2017